Histopathological and Hematological Changes Caused by Head Abscess in Rat

Muhamed Katica, Alma Šeho Alić, Mirza Čelebičić, Senad Prašović, Nejra Hadžimusić, Amer Alić


A rat with the mass located on the right lateral aspect of the head in the regio infraorbitalis,
maxillaris, lateralis nasi dextra, et regio dorsalis nasi was presented for necropsy. Clinically, a
severe form of dyspnea and occasional intermittent stridor were observed. Gross examination
and histopathology revealed an abscess on the rat’s head. Hematological examination showed
macrocytic regenerative hypochromic anemia. In addition, in blood smears stained with May
Grunwald Giemsa, numerous spherocytes and anulocytes as well as reticulocytes indicating
anemia were observed. Morphological changes found in the lymphocyte (1,1%) and neutrophil
cytoplasm (20%) were most probably the result of adverse, toxic effects of various products
of purulent inflammation in the head abscess.
Key words: abscess, anemia, reticulocytes, spherocytes, anulocytes

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