Jelena Raukar, Ramiz Ćutuk, Hrvoje Milošević


Until now no study has been carried out to determine the presence of feline coronaviruses in Croatia. The aim of our study was to determine for the first time the presence of the FCoV infection. Seven blood samples from domestic cats were investigated for the presence of Feline Coronavirus (FCoV) antibody titres (FCoV–Ab 1:10, FCoV–Ab 1:100 and FCoV-Ab≥1:400). At the same time, the following hematologic parameters: total erythrocyte count, hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit, MCV, MCH, MCHC, total leukocyte and platelet count, were determined. FCoV-Ab 1:10 were found in two cats, while FCoV-Ab≥1:400 were determined in the other two cats. Hematological parameters in seven cats were within the normal range.
Our results indicate that it is necessary to serologically research the extent of the FCoV infection on the statistically representative sample.

Key words: cat, feline coronaviruses, seroprevalence

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